Dhiego Lima blames UFC losses on over-training


Some fighters take pleasure in competing on the reality show, as they having fun, gain mixed martial arts experience and possibly even make an agreement with the UFC. Others don't precisely have the best time of their life, resulting in a bad experience. For Lima, it was the former.

" It wasn't bad at all, really," he stated. "It was basically everything a fighter might request. The good thing about our season is that most of the individuals were knowledgeable fighters. They truly wished to be there to win. There was really nobody that wanted to be there for TV, put into an act, none of that. Our season was much better because of that. It was incredible male. You were just there to train. There were no headaches on the outside, no social networks, nothing. You just concentrate on yourself, focus on fighting. It was among the very best experiences of my life."

After the Gordon loss, Lima rebounded with a unanimous decision win, however lost by first-round knockout twice more, leading to his release from the company. Up until last month, the 27-year-old was sidelined since his last UFC loss over a year earlier. Lima got a dominant win over Antonio Trocoli at Legacy FC 53 in April, and he was happier with this than his lone UFC triumph.

I had to get back into the winning column. He was a hard fight for me, he truly was. I had a lot of adversity to fight versus him and I dominated the battle and that's all I might ask for."

Lima had not been injured throughout the time off, but instead opted to remain on the sidelines for nearly a year to rest and enhance his skill-set.

" I was just over-trained," he said. "I needed it. I ought to 've taken it right after your house. When I went to your house, I had four battles in a six-week period. Because I had simply fought prior to I entered into your home, and it was 3 battles back-to-back-to-back. I ought to 've taken the time off method before. I didn't, and you saw what occurred in the UFC because of it. [ it was] simply a no-brainer there. I simply required a very long time off, just to sink everything in, re-group. You saw my performance there. That's all I required. I'm back now, man. I feel 100%. I'm back. I'm formally back."

Lima was greatly slammed during his UFC run for his ability to take a punch, however the Brazilian does not think he has a "weak" chin, nor does he blame any of his UFC losses on those prospective problems. He believes he got caught in all three of his UFC losses. And considering we're discussing mixed martial arts, that's very possible.

" I'm only 27," he said. "Those battles, I really didn't truly get knocked out. I got hit on the side of the head, I got struck on the temple. That shakes you up, you lose your balance. The men I fought were excellent at following up. It takes place, a fight's a battle. Everyone gets knocked out. Look at all these older individuals now. Take a look at Michael Bisping going for a title shot, look at exactly what Dan Henderson did to him. He's been taking shots his whole life. [Fans are] Quick to criticize you, however they don't understand exactly what you go through. They have no idea anything about you. They're going to judge me by that, of course, that's my fault. I got TKO 'd 3 times. I just got to go in there and carry out."

Instead, Lima blames his trio of UFC losses on over-training, which is what triggered him to sit on the sidelines for nearly a year, as discussed above.

" I changed my lifestyle, I'm healthy. The most significant thing is to be healthy and not over-train. I seem like I got TKO 'd because I was practically done prior to the fight even started. I was so over-trained, I simply wished to run out there. I was so exhausted. I lost prior to I even got in there. I'm not making that mistake anymore. I'm healthy. If I'm being available in healthy, that's not even an issue. That's not something that even goes through my head, 'Oh man, I can't get hit.' Oh, no, no. I can take a shot. If men want to take a look at that, if individuals want to judge me by that, then I hope fighters do evaluate me by that and come wild at me. They're going to learn really quick."

Lima sees a go back to the UFC in his foreseeable future if everything goes as prepared, consisting of winning his upcoming title fight versus David Michaud at Titan FC 39 next month.

" Definitely man, I believe so," he said. "I just got to carry out to my full capacity. Dana White understands what I'm all about. He remembers me from your house. He liked me from method back then. I just got to perform guy. In the UFC, I do not know, the pressure got to me, I have no idea exactly what happened. I didn't perform to my complete capacity. I don't train like that, I did nothing I perform in training [in those] battles. If I just perform the way I train, nobody's going to stop me. I'm going to finish these fights, which's what I'm aiming to do. I seem like I lastly got that maturity where I can fight the method I train. And it's really going to flaunt."